Love Your Set, Rep Your Hood

Love Your Set, Rep Your Hood

Tis the season to wear red, eat chocolate, and be loved. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’m not entirely sure of the origins of the holiday, but during winter a little indulgence and decadence about love is exactly what we all need. We don’t take that lightly at the Mented Office. We love to celebrate life and the love therein. We believe in the beauty of women everywhere and all the stories they have to tell. So, this Valentine’s Day our theme was ‘Love Your Set, Rep Your Hood’. What does that mean, you ask? We’re all from somewhere and we’re all somewhere now. We are the totality of our experiences and to truly love someone is to know them.

In the office we asked everyone to write a few things about themselves on our hearts wall. First write your hometown zip code and your current zip code. Secondly write your favorite food from your hometown and from your current city. And last, but not least write the song that epitomizes your hometown and current experiences. The answers varied. We have the song Juicy representing the 11226, Donato’s Pizza from Columbus, Ohio, and John Mayer’s Waiting On the World to Change from CT. We are a mixture of the old and new. The suburban and urban. We have mass and luxury sensibilities. We are a mashup of all that is, and we wanted to celebrate that.

I’m originally from the 28208 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up I loved Krispy Kreme and the song Charlene by Anthony Hamilton. I currently live in Harlem’s 10027 and I love the restaurant Kitchenette and the song Ballin by Jim Jones.

Our set and our hood are the people and places that made us. We will not forget where we come from and we will not take for granted where we are now. The team at Mented is grateful for this experience and grateful that we have each other. We hope this season you love your set and rep your hood wherever you are.


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