Lip Gloss: How to Make it Last

Lip Gloss: How to Make it Last

Gloss this is THAT GIRL right now, and we want her to stay around! While luscious, juicy and oh so alluring, she always seems to have a problem with staying and never straying! While you may think getting your gloss to stay in place is a challenge, it’s one we are willing to take on. Our Sheer Gloss Trio is here and we want you to rock those shades all day and all night (wink wink).

Tip #1 Exfoliate Your Lips

First things first, lip prep is necessary. Think of it like this, our gloss formula is extra moisturizing. If your lips are flaky and dry, they are bound to absorb that hydrating gloss formula that you need to last on your lips. Flaky lips also fall off throughout the day, with dry lips you can kiss the gloss goodbye. To keep any dryness at bay, make sure to exfoliate your lips once to twice a week. Additionally, smooth on a hydrating lip balm like our Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment prior to gloss application. 

Tip # 2 Layer on Products 

While it may be tempting, don’t reach for your fave gloss just yet. If you want a more full coverage color, grab a Lip Liner or one of our Semi-Matte Lipsticks in a similar shade to the gloss of your choice. If your gloss ever starts to fade, you’ll have the backup of the liner or lipstick to push through with pigment.  

Tip #3 Set with Setting Spray 

Still looking for the right way to keep your gloss in tact? Our Better Setter Setting Spray is the answer. Mist your face once your makeup is done to set your look to keep your luscious lips glowing and going. If you’re feeling creative, try setting your gloss with highlighter, but only on the center of the lips. The powder formula of our Sunkissed Highlighter Palette will increase the longevity of your gloss, while increasing the look of high-shine by reflecting light to the center of your pretty pout!
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