Keep it Tight: Makeup from Day to Night

Keep it Tight: Makeup from Day to Night

We see you, sis, back at work trying to juggle that career and personal life at the same time. A successful queen manages her money, her man, and always has the perfect plan to maintain her beautiful beat. Let’s face it, in this new day and age, we’ve all been there: fresh off work, on our way to see the girls or our guy, and unsure if we should redo the whole beat or just call it a day. Whether you’re leaving the office or the home office, here’s how you can take your look from day to night, the Mented Way.

 Step 1


The first step when bumping up a look from day to night is a quick foundation touch up. To re-ignite that flawless base, apply a setting spray over the face and take a powder brush, like the Mented Cosmetics Loose Powder Brush and buff it into the skin with a light circular motion. This will smooth out any foundation texture and moisten it enough to add extra product, if need be, without looking cakey. 


Step 2


A foundation touch-up, of course, will lead to a blush redo. This definitely isn’t as daunting as it may sound. You can keep your favorite blush in your makeup bag for a quick touch up on the go. But switching to a deeper, more rose tone shade is great for the evening. Mented Cosmetics Clay Too Much and Berried Away are great examples of sultry, evening appropriate shades.



Step 3


Now time for the main event: eyeshadow. It’s unnecessary to remove the leftover shadow from the day. Instead, the focus is layering. First, add a matte shadow, like Philly from our new Everynight Eyeshadow Palette.


This shadow will blend out into a smooth base and add depth. Now take it up a level, pat a shimmer onto the center of your lid with your finger. New Orleans, a beautiful metallic copper is perfect for owning the night. When applying the shimmer, make sure to pat and not rub it in. Packing on the shimmer shade with a patting motion while tilting your head down a bit will reduce the fall out over the rest of your face. 


What’s the next step you ask? A winged line because when it doubt, girl wing it out! Adding a wing is the best way to add a little personality to your eyes. If you’re not confident in using a liquid eyeliner, try wetting a brush and dipping into a black eyeshadow shade like Brooklyn. This will give you more control and a little more room to make mistakes if needed. Grab an angled brush and drag it from the inner corner of the eye toward the end and flick it out. 

To deepen the eye look, take a small pencil brush like the one from our Mini Brush Trio dipped in a deep brown or black and smoke it out on your bottom lash line to intensify the look. Shades like Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Harlem are great depending on how intense you want your eye look to be. To finish the look, brighten the inner corner. You can go matte with Houston or shimmer with Miami.


Step 4

Time for the finishing touches. To complete the eye look, double up on your mascara. Try a volumizing mascara from root to tip in the morning. Then, to bump up your mascara for your evening look try a lengthening mascara that is applied from the middle of the lash to the tip to give the falsies effect. Lastly are the lips. For an evening that may go into the wee hours of the morning try a matte or liquid lipstick because it won’t budge as easy as a glossy lip. 


However, you choose to transform your look from day to night, just remember that confidence is better than any beauty product there is girl. You got this sis, let ‘em know what you’re working with!

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