Introducing our Skin by Mented Collection

Introducing our Skin by Mented Collection
Our newest arrival is our Skin by Mented 16-shade everyday foundation collection! We called the collection Skin because that’s exactly how we believe, an everyday foundation should feel. Moisturizing ingredients help to create a flawless finish, that never looks or feels cakey. The formula feels incredibly light on the skin and you’re left with a natural, dewy finish, which creates that healthy glow we all crave.
Get ready with Co-Founders KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson as they show their go-to routines in a full face of Mented!

Co-Founder & CEO KJ Miller's Go-To Routine

Step 1. Foundation. Swipe shade M40 all over your face.

“We called it Skin by Mented because we wanted it to look like and feel like skin. We didn’t want it to have you looking airbrushed or painted on. We really wanted you to feel like yourself with this product.” - KJ

Step 2. Buff the foundation shade in with our Mented Foundation Brush.

Step 3. Concealer. Swipe T30 on high points of your face. Including your forehead, under-eye area, nose, and chin.

Step 4. Buff it in with our Mented Foundation Brush. The excess foundation on the brush will provide a flawless blend.

Step 5. Contour. Carve out your cheekbones with shade D20.

Step 6. Buff and blend with our Mented Foundation Brush and a damp (not wet!) beauty sponge.

Step 7. Half bake (KJ's coined term) with translucent powder. Put it on with a damp sponge and quickly brush it off. This will set your foundation (yayyy to no creasing)!

Step 8. Grab your Everyday Eyeshadow Palette and sweep Redbone all over the lid.

Step 9. Use a precision brush to put Bae-ge in the inner corner of your eye.

Step 10. Lip time! Grab KJ's fave Send Nudes gloss and swipe a few coats on.

That’s it! 10 super easy steps to get KJ's go-to Skin by Mented routine. Shop the look.

Co-Founder & COO Amanda Johnson's Go-To Routine

Prep. Moisturize and Prime (a MUST for everyone but especially oily skin types!)

Step 1. Swipe on a few lines of Foundation shade M30

"I find that our stick gives you that natural glow as well as it’s very buildable." - Amanda

Step 2. Use the Mented Foundation Brush to buff it in

Step 3. Conceal under your eyes with shade T20. Tip: For concealer, you can use a shade a couple of shades lighter than your foundation shade to highlight your face.

Step 4. Use a beauty sponge to blend it all in.

Step 5 (Optional). Go back in a with a few more swipes of concealer for a well rested (bags be-gone!) look.

Step 6. Use a brush and lightly dust translucent powder to set skin.

Step 7. If you're a blush girl like Amanda you know the drill! Sweep a little blush onto your cheeks!

Step 8. Everyday Eyeshadow Palette Time! Pack upside brown onto your lid.

Step 9. Pop a little Second Date in your inner corners.

Step 10. Finish your look with lipstick. Amanda’s favorite nude is Dope Taupe Semi-Matte.

Easy right? Create your own go-to Mented routine and shop the look.

Need help finding the right shades for you? 

Please view our shade finder. You can also shop our Skin by Mented Sample Pack.

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