Introducing Our Make You Blush Collection

Introducing Our Make You Blush Collection

This Friday, June 21st, we're launching our Make You Blush Collection! These blendable, buildable and most importantly pigmented blushes will actually show up on your skin. Look forward to a product that goes on smooth, has long-lasting power, and gives you a touch of vitamin E to nourish the skin. You’ll be everyday blushing in no time.    

Pinky Promise

True Pink w/ Gold Shimmer

Peach for the Stars

Radiant Peach

Berried Away

Bright Red Burgundy

Clay Too Much

Muted Red Brown

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our Make You Blush photoshoot! 

The Make You Blush Collection will be available for purchase on Friday, June 21st. Sign up here to get notified first!

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