How To: Keep Makeup From Moving Under Your Mask

How To: Keep Makeup From Moving Under Your Mask

These masks clearly aren’t going anywhere and neither should your makeup. Before you know it, the temperatures will be on the rise, and you know what that means: the dreaded sweat face! We all know that sweat most definitely causes makeup to move, and placing that mask on top isn’t likely to help, so we’re looking for all the tips to keep our makeup on our face and off of our masks. 

Here’s five tips we came up with to help your base stay in place so your face won’t smudge or budge. 

Tip 1: Apply setting powder and setting spray before AND after your foundation

To increase the coverage and longevity of your makeup, apply your Skin Silk Setting Powder with a damp sponge or fluffy brush onto the skin after moisturizer and primer. Press the powder into your skin, follow with a light mist of your setting spray, and then go in with your normal foundation and concealer routine! The powder allows for extra coverage for any blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or areas that require a little more lovin’, and the spray will help to set each layer of your makeup as you go. 

Tip 2: Less is more

When it comes to makeup not moving under your mask, less is more. Apply your heavier products like foundation and concealer in light layers to help with longer wear throughout the day while leaving you with a more natural-looking finish. 

Tip 3: Cream and powder duo 

To keep your powder products on under that mask without moving, try doubling up with cream and powder. For example, use a cream blush first (lipstick like our Semi-Matte lipsticks also works in a pinch), applying directly on the apple of the cheek and sweeping toward the hairline. Top this cream blush with one of our Make You Blush Collection powder blushes. Layering on that pigment will give you the long-lasting coverage you need in and out of your mask! The same goes for bronzer, you can use our Skin by Mented Foundation Sticks as a contour then apply the Sunkissed Bronzer to set it, locking it into place. 

Tip 4: Focus on powder products on the bottom half of your face

Using powder instead of liquid or cream products on the bottom half of your face (where your mask sits) will help your makeup stay in place. It makes sense that liquid and cream products are more prone to move around when you’re sweating, so if you opt for those products, Skin Silk Setting Powder is an important, non-negotiable step. If coverage isn’t your main concern, then ditch the creams and grab your powder, girl!

Tip 5: Liner and Matte Lipstick

Shade in your whole lip with a long-wear liner, like the Mented Lip Liners, then apply a matte lipstick or liquid lipstick and re-line your lips to blend the edges. Press a 1-ply tissue lightly over your lips to absorb any emollients in the lip color and then you are good to go. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even dust some translucent powder like our Skin Silk Setting Powder in Light/Tan over the tissue to help mattify and set that lip color in place. 

Try out these five tips to keep your makeup from moving underneath your mask and let us know how it goes by tagging us in #MaskedWithMented! We’d love to see your looks!

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