How To Holiday Look

How To Holiday Look

Guess what time of year it is? The Ho Ho Holiday Season, Honey! And you know what that means; it is the perfect time for a holiday look based on deep gorgeous reds, cranberries, and all of the holiday vibes you can muster. You might as well call us Santa’s Little Helper ‘cuz we are giving out gifts and LEWKS all December long. 

You know how we get down with our full-face tutorials, so let’s get started! 

The Base

  • Following primer application, take your Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder and press it into the skin with a sponge or powder puff. 

  • Once the powder is applied, take our Better Setter Setting Spray and set both the primer and setting powder. This will ensure your look lasts all day. The setting powder and setting spray have laid a strong foundation for the rest of your makeup, keeping all your oils at bay. 

  • Following proper prep and prime, apply our Skin by Mented Foundation starting on the center of the face and blend outward with your Foundation Brush for a seamless finish. For areas that require additional coverage, apply an extra bit of foundation since the Skin by Mented foundation also serves as a concealer. For this look, our Skin by Mented Foundation in D10 was used. 

  • For a little under-eye highlight, grab a Skin by Mented Foundation stick about two to three shades lighter than your foundation shade and place the highlight shade in the under-eye area, around the base of the nose, chin, and center of the forehead. All of the areas where the light will hit. 

  • Add in a little contour for some dimension to the face with our Skin by Mented Foundation stick about two shades darker than your foundation shade. Place the contour shade around the forehead and in the hollows of the cheeks, blending with our foundation brush. 

  • Apply Better Setter Setting Spray again for a little added moisture and seamlessness before setting these areas with powder. 

  • Grab the Mented Powder Brush and lightly set your face with the Skin Silk Setting Powder, placing a particular focus on your areas that are prone to oil. For this look, our Skin Silk Setting Powder in Light/Tan was used.

The Cheeks

  • Set that contour with our Sunkissed Bronzer. Take a large fluffy brush and swirl it into the Sunkissed Bronzer, tapping off the excess. Apply the bronzer to the areas of the face the sun is likely to hit - the temples, cheeks, and jawline adding warmth to the face while going over the areas the contour was applied earlier. For this look, our Sunkissed Bronzer in Yacht Life was used. 

  • Now let’s add some more cranberry tones to the look: Grab a denser, more tightly packed brush and apply our Berried Away Blush.

  • Pro Tip: Apply the blush in an upwards direction on the cheekbones instead of the apple of the cheeks. This will give you a lifted, more snatched look. 

The Eyes

  • Start by brushing out the brows and filling them in throughout the sparse areas with the High Precision Brow Pencil. Make sure to mimic the natural shape of your brows, making them appear as natural as possible. The shade Take a Brow was used for this look.

  • Grab your Everynight Eyeshadow Palette, starting with the colors Harlem and Philly combined to make the perfect transition shade.

  • Place that shade into the crease of the eye and sweep your brush back and forth in a windshield wiper motion softening up the crease area. 

  • Dip your brush into Atlanta, a matte purple-brown, and place it into the crease to give the eye some depth. 

  • To smoke out this eye for the holiday season, place Brooklyn, a matte black shade, into the outer corner of the eye and smudge the shade out until there are no harsh lines. 

  • For the Christmas top off of this eye look, place the cranberry shade, Las Vegas, on a flat brush and add it all over the lid. 

  • To add some brightness to the inner corner of the eye, take the shade Miami, a champagne shimmer, onto the tip of a pencil brush and place that into the inner corner of the eye. 

  • For the finishing touches on the eye, take our volumizing and lengthening Long Live the Lash Mascara and apply to both the top and bottom lashes. 

  • Pro Tip: To ensure you don’t get any mascara onto your eyelids, and mess up your look, place an index card behind your lashes so you can really comb through them with the brush and apply the product evenly with no fear. 

The Lips 

  • Lastly, we have the lips! Take our Semi-Matte Lipstick in Dope Taupe and pair it with our Gloss Send Nudes for a glossy nude lip.

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