How To: Apply Highlighter

How To: Apply Highlighter

You heard it here first. Our new product, the Sunkissed Highlighter Palette, is perfect for a soft kiss on the skin or a full-glam smooch of highlight seen by the GAWDS HONEY! Whatever look it’s hitting for, you have to know how to highlight and that, my love, is why we are here! We hope you didn’t leave that pen and paper at home, cuz need you to take notes!

What is a Highlighter/Highlighting? 

For the new students, highlighter/highlighting is using an illuminator to catch the light and push certain features out, making them more prominent. Highlighting adds dimension to the face. This is helpful when the face can appear flat after applying foundation.

Where is The Best Place to Apply Highlighter?

For the most natural-looking highlight, stick to the high points of your face. A high point is where light would naturally hit, giving you a little sheen i.e. the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose, and the tip of the nose if you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Once you’ve mastered the basics of highlighting, add on a little creativity for some extra oomph when you want to stand out. 

Summer is on the way - so you might be showing a little more skin. Dust a little highlighter over your shoulders and collarbones. A skirt or a dress for a night out? A touch of highlighter down the center of the legs is bound to look stunning. 

How to Apply Powder Highlighter 

When applying highlighter, never forget the base that you applied. If liquid foundation was used, make sure to set with a powder like our Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder. This ensures that the highlighter will apply smoothly. No skipping, creasing or pulling on the skin. Once you’re sure that your base is set for highlighter application it’s time to get lit. 

Step One: Minor Highlights

With a small pencil brush, apply highlighter to the small areas of the face. Highlight the Cupid’s bow of the mouth to add instant volume to the lips, and a dab of highlight to the inner corner of the eye to open up the eye area. Take the highlighter down the bridge of the nose, lightly for a contoured nose, and add a dot on the end for a button nose. 

Step Two: Sweep on the Highlighter 

With a tapered brush, like our Angled Highlighting Brush, apply highlighter to the larger areas of the face. Sweep the highlighter from the brow bone to the top of the cheekbones in a wide C shape. For a little extra, dab the highlighter over the top of the brow. Check your highlight to make sure it’s as lit as you’re looking for. Once you have the gleam of your dreams, finish off your look and hit the scene!


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