Healthy Lips

Healthy Lips

We’ve all been there. Dry lips no matter what season it is, it leaves us wondering how much lip moisturizer to apply. Truth is, lip care is more than just reapplying lip balm every second. Here is a quick guide to have the ultimate smooth pout.

Let’s Exfoliate!

Let that dead skin you’ve been re-applying lip balm to go! Exfoliating two times a week will help improve the lips texture and elasticity.

The perfect lip scrub to get you in the grove of exfoliating your lips is Mint Julips Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics. This castor sugar scrub has stimulating peppermint, moisturizing jojoba oil, and it’s a guilty pleasure if you enjoy a little vanilla extract night snack because it’s editable.

We Face Mask.. Why Not Lip Mask?

We always provide our faces with extra love, why not do the same for our lips?

Doing a lip mask once a week before bed will give the lips that extra moisture they need.

One we're currently loving is the Sephora Shea - Protecting & Repairing Lip Mask. Let it sit on the lips for 15 minutes and you’ll have baby soft lips!

Highly Humectant Lip Moisture

When looking for a lip product moisture is always our priority. We recommend the EOS Evolution of Smooth - Lip Balm Sphere Sweet Mint. Got moisture? This product has tons of it! It has olive oil, beeswax, and shea butter to provide long-lasting moisture. No more putting in overtime in your lip care regimen.

We can’t forget about our nudes! If you’re having trouble finding a cute lippie that doesn’t leave your lips dry our nude lipsticks and glosses are must-haves             

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