Friendsgiving: Three Ways to Celebrate Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving: Three Ways to Celebrate Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is right around the corner, but with the new changes Covid-19 has made in our society, it may be a little difficult for you to get together with your girls this year. Still want to pop bottles, spill tea and serve with your crew? With these ideas, your Friendsgiving will still serve... hot tea and a whole lot of sisterhood. 

Enjoy Friendsgiving Virtually

With the joys of technology these days, you can do almost anything virtually. Why not apply that to your Friendsgiving celebration? Grab your girls and settle in for a Friendsgiving via Facetime, Google Meet, or even Houseparty. If you want to add a fun element like virtual games to your Friendsgiving Houseparty is where it’s at with games like trivia and Pictionary. If your girlfriends happen to live in the same city as you, try a food exchange. Each of you picks a dish, prepare it, and then split it so you all can eat the same meal together over one of these fun virtual apps. Facetime anyone? A holiday is never far away, so let’s do Friendsgiving the Mented way. Before dinner is ready, get into the holiday spirit by having a virtual “Get Ready With Me” with your girls. Gone are the days of getting dressed together to go out, instead let’s beat our faces through the phone. There’s nothing quite like quality girl time. 

Celebrate Outdoors

If you live in a warmer climate, why not bring your Friendsgiving celebration to the great outdoors. It’s easier, and safer for large groups of friends and family to gather together while socially distanced when outdoors. Whether it’s a backyard, park, or even the outdoor space of  your apartment complex, an outdoor Friendsgiving with a designated food station allows you and your girlfriends to take turns heaping piles of bomb food onto those plates. If you want to try Friendsgiving outdoors and the temperatures are starting to drop, make sure you have a look that’s IG ready to accompany that plate pic. What’s a way to show thanks during this outdoor celebration? Bring your favorite beauty product to gift to your girl to show how thankful you are for her. Beauty exchange anyone?

Throw the Whole Tradition Away 

Never let a good opportunity go to waste honey. Take this new change as an opportunity to erase old traditions and start new ones of your own with your girlfriends. Think creatively with your crew and find new ways to celebrate the holiday. Go on a staycation with your friends who are in town. Virtually have a girls weekend with the crew. Whatever you do, find a way to establish your own traditions this year.

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