Foundation For Brown Girls

After Parmita tried the Mented lipstick and lip liners, she was eager to try our foundation sticks too! Just like Parmita, we knew that there were not enough options on the beauty market for foundation for women of color - whether your skin tones are tan, brown, olive, dark or anything in between. And that needed to change! We sought to develop a women's foundation that is perfectly pigmented for every unique variety of darker skin tones, with the goal of empowering all women with the right makeup products to be their most confident selves.

We feel Parmita when she voices her wishes for the optimal foundation - a product that should be lightweight, give that perfect dewy finish, look great all day long, and not become cakey on the skin. An amazing foundation should check all those boxes, and should also be easy to use and apply. The Mented foundation sticks come in shades that were specially created for a variety of dark skin tones so you can find the perfect match for your skin and no longer have to deal with the hassle of combining multiple products from other makeup brands to get the right tone. It's easy to achieve the coverage you need - whether that’s lighter or heavier - with the way the stick and brush work to apply smoothly and blend easily. Parmita shows her beauty tips and tricks for applying her shade of foundation and concealer, showcasing just how to achieve that natural everyday look.

However, the real test of a great foundation comes after a day of wear. Parmita tests her makeup over an entire day - from walking through the city to a photoshoot to cooking to picking up her kids. It's through this where the real staying power of different products and makeup brands will reveal itself. Watch to see how this everyday beauty look holds on her skin!