Find Your Perfect Nude Lipstick

Mented Cosmetics was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to find themselves in the world of beauty. At Mented we believe to find your perfect nude you should start with your lips and your skin tone. You don't need to prep your lips or add concealer to achieve your perfect nude, you just simply need your perfect nude lipstick or two! 

For our deeply melanated sisters with more brown or purple tone lips we recommend Brown Bare, Mented #5 and Dark Night. Brown Bare is our soft brown with a nice rosy undertone. Mented #5 was thoughtfully created with a blend of purple, brown and pink to enhance lips with a purple undertone. Dark Night is our deepest shade with a red undertone.

For deep skin tones with multi-toned brown and pink lips we recommend Brand Nude, a tan with pink undertones and Dope Taupe, a medium toned brown/pink blend. If pink nudes are more your thing, Nude LaLa is the perfect deep pink that won't wash you out!

If you have a medium brown skin tone and pink lips with a hint of brown we recommend Nude LaLa and Dope Taupe. If Dope Taupe is a bit too deep for you, try Brand Nude.

If you have a light skin tone and even pink lips we recommend Peach Please, a deep peach and Pretty in Pink, a true pink. The pink and peach shades will complement your natural flush.

If you have a rosy undertone or just love a deep nude you can't go wrong with our brick-red and brown blend, Foxy Brown

Each of our nine lip shades are available in two different but amazing formulas with matching liners: Semi-Matte Duos and Matte Duos. So no matter what your preference is, we got you covered! 

Can't get enough? Check out all 9 shades on models of different skin tones here