Enhance Your Natural Eye Color: Work With What You Got

Enhance Your Natural Eye Color: Work With What You Got

Looking to step up your eyeshadow game sis? Why not take it up a notch by using what the good Lord gave you. You may not have heard, but girl that eye color you already have serves as the perfect base for an intriguing and attention-grabbing eye look. Whether you’re looking to take it up a notch to own the night, or keep it natural and everyday “My Skin but Better” look, Mented Cosmetics has your back with the perfect shades to complement the windows to your soul. 

 Brown Eyes 

While brown eyes may be the most common in the game, that doesn’t mean they can’t stand out. Those with brown eyes actually have an advantage because brown is a neutral tone. This means that you can really explore an assortment of shades that will complement the warm tones that you already have going for you. The real question for you brown-eyed beauties is, “What am I going for? Striking contrast or soft and subtle?” 

If you’re going for contrast, look at different shades of purple. Purple brings out the truest brown of your eyes while making the whites appear brighter. Those interested in a soft and subtle look should try a warmer color palette of bronzes, rust tones, and coppers which are especially flattering on brown eyes. Shades Atlanta and Los Angeles from our Everynight Eyeshadow Palette are the complete package. These bronze tones are perfect for brown eyes, but still give room for other shades such as mossy green and cool blue to make an appearance, due to being opposite of orange which sits closest to brown in the color range.

 Blue Eyes

For blue eye babes who sit on the opposite side of the spectrum, we take a look at the color wheel. Blue and orange are directly across from one another, meaning that they serve as natural complementary colors and will make those eyes appear more intense. For everyday wear, rather than a bold orange, go for shades with orange undertones to complement those baby blues. Coppers, terra cottas, and bronzes are great! Want to turn heads? Step it up in terms of contrast with cranberry shades, the warmth in the cranberry tone elevates the cool blue tones in your eyes. Las Vegas, our metallic cranberry red, is perfect for an intriguing look.  

 Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare, naturally vibrant, and don’t require bright shadows to enhance their natural color. Under green’s complementary colors we can find reds, browns, and muted purples. Whether a deep plum or a light and airy lavender, purple conveys contrast that surprisingly doesn’t clash. Another complementary shade is red. Instead of using true reds, which can be particularly jarring, reaching for those rust tones with a light hand for application will have you setting trends all year round. Try mixing shadesNew Orleans, metallic copper, and Los Angeles, metallic rose, to bring out the muted red and browns within your green eyes. 

 Gray Eyes

Gray doesn’t have to mean boring and while using these shadows they won’t be! Gray eyes are essentially silent blue eyes, but they deserve their own moment because they offer a unique twist. When surrounded by light shadows, gray eyes really begin to find their footing. This eye color is best enhanced when offset by hues of a similar steely nature such as light aqua, charcoal, and pewter. Miami, Philly, and Brooklyn are the lighter, steely shades that will bring attention to the underlying cool tone in grey eyes without looking washed out. For those looking for a little somethin’ somethin’, try shadows with an orange undertone. These will look stunning with gray eyes because of their slight blue hue. 

No matter your eye color, your makeup look can always be enhanced by focusing on your natural features. Here at Mented, we love to highlight and show off who are but with a little extra. So masked up or not, let your natural beauty shine, because there is nothing more beautiful than who you are!

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