Voices: Confessions of a Bridal Maven

Voices: Confessions of a Bridal Maven

After the dress, bridal makeup is an essential part of a brides dream look. Professional Makeup Artist Danielle Bouldon has that part under control! We spoke with Danielle about her journey through makeup artistry and she even dished out her techniques on getting the perfect look!

How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

I have been a makeup artist for 5 years.

What inspired you to become a Makeup Artist?

I’ve always loved makeup! I remember wanting to wear lipstick at 9 years old, but my mom wouldn’t allow me to wear it at that age. Thank God!

I graduated from college during the recession and it was really tough to secure an Accounting job at that time. I started to do some soul searching and praying and it lead me to my true love, makeup.

You do a lot of bridal makeup, what do you love about being a part of someone's special day?

I love how makeup, hair, the wedding dress, and accessories come together to transform a bride on her big day! I live for the moment when the bride looks at her makeup and says YES, I love it! It’s a very fulfilling moment for me.

Your looks are so natural and soft, what's your secret?

Lol the secret to soft and natural makeup? I think it’s understanding the need of a woman who wants to look gorgeous, but like herself. A lot of the time when my clients ask for “natural makeup” they are asking for softer colors, a sheer to medium coverage foundation, a natural lash, and great blending.

In the beginning of my career, I approached makeup with a little fear. I never wanted to overdo it. If I notice something is too much or not balanced, I buff it down, blot it, or soften it.

I pick the feature I want to accentuate or the client wants to accentuate, and I work all the rest of the makeup around it.

What happens during a bridal beauty consultation?

During a bridal trial, I ask a lot of questions about the bride, her everyday makeup style, her comfortability with color, her vision for her wedding day, and her makeup inspirations. I also ask to see the wedding dress.

After I have a good grasp on her vision, I create her makeup look.

Most of the time, my brides love the finished product. If they are unsure about a lip color or lash, I change it.

Have you ever had a bride that didn't like her makeup? What happened?

No, I’ve never had a bride who didn’t like her makeup that I know of lol. I have had a mom give her opinion about the makeup style or color palette. I always remember who my client is! Sorry moms, it’s your daughter’s big day!

What's next for you?

I’d like to do makeup for the red carpet. I believe in speaking things into existence so I’ll say I will be doing makeup for the Oscars and Emmys. I trust God to lead and guide me to my next step.

What 3 celebs would you want to do makeup for?

Janelle Monae, Gabrielle Union, and Emily Ratajkowski.

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