Brightening vs. Concealing

Brightening vs. Concealing

The product you have all been waiting for is FINALLY here– Meet Full Time Brightening Concealer

This concealer completes any flawless base. With a full coverage, lightweight formula and flexible shade range, brightening and concealing will be a breeze.

While concealer has typically been used to cover blemishes and imperfections, recent trends of refreshed makeup looks have seen concealers operate in a new way. Brightening concealers awaken the under eyes and high points of the face and have become the new IT product. While many of these concealers are made for either brightening or concealing, ours does both.


  1. Find a shade that is about 2 shades lighter than your true match. 
  2. Apply this shade to your under eyes and the high points of your face - the center of the forehead, chin, and down the nose. 
  3. Blend out the product with our new Pillow Puff Sponge
  4. Set the under eyes with our Skin Silk Loose Loose Setting Powder, using the shade Light/Tan to help bring the brightness to the next level! Finally, you have successfully made it look like you got 12 hours of sleep last night! 


  1. Find your true match shade. 
  2. Apply the shade onto any parts of the face that may need a little extra coverage! 
  3. Lightly tap the product into the skin with the Pillow Puff Sponge
  4. Set the face with our Skin Silk Loose Loose Setting Powder, and you’re ready to go! 

Still unsure which Full Time Brightening Concealer shade is for you? Book a free color-match consultation today from our professional team! 

This full time concealer won’t clock out! So, be THAT girl and create a flawless complexion.

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