Beauty on the Horizon: Spring Beauty Trends

Beauty on the Horizon: Spring Beauty Trends

Last year was unprecedented and indescribable. During that time, beauty and self-care were things we used to lift our spirits, and we’re bringing that energy into 2021! Spring is always a time of new growth and with that season almost here, we had to be atop of the trends. We have compiled a list of our favorite beauty trends for you to jump on this upcoming March once Spring has sprung! 

Your Skin but Better

When is the last time you went out with a full face of makeup? If your answer is a lil minute ago, you aren’t alone. Natural faces are all the rage these days, with the dewy skin look finally replacing the extreme matte full-faced beats that we’ve seen for a while now. 

If your skin doesn’t have that fresh out- of-bed dewy glow, focus on products that increase moisture. Foundations that are skinlike are the best bet for a your skin but better glow. Our Skin by Mented Foundation is a perfect choice for a little dew that still provides enough coverage. The ultra-hydrating formula is lightweight and buildable, giving you the coverage you need with the natural finish you love. 

Natural Glam/Soft Glam 

Gone are the days of completely transforming your face. Now natural glam is what the girls are going for by tweaking and enhancing theirr favorite features. With natural and soft glam, obvious makeup is kept to a minimum. The focus is placed on the flush, brows and lashes as the eye-catchers of the face

If natural glam is what it’s hittin’ for you, then our blush collection, and High Precision Brow Pencils are spot-on for this look.  

Bushy/Natural Brows

Frozen super- arched Instagram brows are a thing of the past. Enter the fluffy, bushy and natural brow of 2021. With masks, the focus of our face is the brows, so of course, they have to be on point. This season is all about simplicity, speed and letting your natural beauty shine so the brows are keeping that same energy with a quick fill-in for any sparse areas or spots that need a little touch-up. 

Natural but fleeky? No better pencil than our High Precision Brow Pencils to achieve this look. 

Nude Lips 

Its clear that the consistent theme of 2021 beauty is natural, quick and easy makeup that doesnt change you but rather enhances you. What better way to do that than with nude lips! The product that we are most known for! Whether matte, semi-matte, lipgloss, liners or liquid lips our nudes are made with your melanin in mind and will fit YOU!
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