How Mented Founders Find Peace in the Middle of a Crisis

KJ Miller, Co-founder & CEO is wearing Plum on Over Liquid Lipstick
What a crazy, unprecedented time we're living in. A month ago I was dreaming of spending more time curled up on the couch; these days all I want to do is go outside! My home has become my office, my gym, my neighborhood's my universe at the moment. Here are some things that have helped keep me sane in this topsy turvy world:
  1. Self-care is a MUST. For me, doing my brows every day and putting on a gloss is part of my self-care. It means whenever I walk past myself in the mirror, I like what I see, which helps keep me feeling more like myself.
  2. Mini-breaks throughout the day. I recently bought a keyboard, and when I feel like I've been staring at my computer for too long I head to my keyboard and do my best to bang out a song. Am I any good at it? That's debatable. But it's nice to do something I like, for no other reason than the fact that I like it.
  3. Picking a workspace, and making sure that space isn't my bed or my couch. My rest spaces are my rest spaces, so I try very hard not to work from them. It means I get at least a little bit of separation from "work" and "home". 
Self-care is a MUST. For me, doing my brows every day and putting on a gloss is part of my self-care.

Amanda Johnson, Co-founder & COO is wearing Hot Date Liquid Lipstick


I’m an extrovert who likes to go out and be in the world. I like to brunch, visit museums, go to church, see movies, and constantly discover new things. Separate from that, I really like to keep my home as my retreat from the world. My home has fun colors, art, tons of books, my fave snacks, etc. In these times of crisis, my home is no longer my retreat. My home is my office, it’s my bar, it’s my movie theater, my church, in short, it’s my everything. 
Below are a few ways I’m finding peace:

  1. I love plants! Greenery is life-giving, so I’ve moved more into my house. It’s cleaning the air and providing more color.
  2. Go outside! In New York City we have Citibike and I never really used them before because there was so much traffic. Now with no traffic, I have no excuse. Bike riding makes me feel like a kid again and I’ll take all of the levity I can get in this current situation.
  3. Breaks. I’m trying to give myself and those around me a break. We’re all dealing with crazy times in our own way and you have to give some grace. Be kind, be patient, be thoughtful.
  4. Lastly, I’m just trying to put on some lipstick and smile. Some days I feel Red Rover and other days I feel like Dope Taupe.  

I’m just trying to put on some lipstick and smile.

We're wishing you and your loved ones health and peace in this time of uncertainty. Let us know how you are finding peace in the middle of this pandemic. Tag us @mentedcosmetics on IG, Twitter, and Facebook. Let's help one another!