A Letter From Our Founder: Women's History Month

A Letter From Our Founder: Women's History Month

It’s the month of March, and if you’ve been with Mented for a while you know that means it’s time to celebrate. We take Women’s History Month pretty seriously around here, because we love the opportunity to spotlight the women who have come before us and those who continue to inspire us.

Each week we’ll be featuring one of these women in our blog and across our social media channels, doing our part to amplify the voices and businesses of those working to break the glass ceiling for us all. This week we’re shouting out my good friend and CEO of CurlMix, Kim Lewis. Kim has built a multi-million dollar brand that empowers women to embrace their natural curls and take care of their hair with healthy, plant-based products. Read more about her journey here.

We’re also ending the month with a triple-threat partnership featuring Eva NYC, Hyper Skin, and of course Mented Cosmetics. I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store.

Finally, I want to close out by shouting the amazing winners of our “Women Who Work” giveaway. We had over 1,000 nominations and I am personally so inspired by our community of hard working, thoughtful, collaborative women. You can read a bit more about our winners here.

Here’s to another amazing opportunity to celebrate women around the world, and here’s to you.


KJ Miller 

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