10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making This Winter (Part One)

10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making This Winter (Part One)

Winter, while a gorgeous time of year, it’s also the most difficult to deal with when it comes to your beauty routine. It can cause your skin to be dull and flaky, your foundation to apply patchily, and your hair lacks volume, all while making your noses run. 

Without even realizing it, there are a few beauty mistakes we make that can stop your winter glow right in its tracks. Winter is coming; we should prepare. 

Long-Lasting Hot Showers

With these cold temperatures, it’s tempting to take your time in a steamy hot shower. It turns out your skin won’t love it. That intense temperature is terrible for your skin. The heat compromises your skin’s barrier, drying out your skin, making it difficult to retain moisture. To keep your skin on point this winter, try turning down the heat a little bit. Or speed through that hot shower. 

Forgetting SPF 

Never forget that the sun still shines in the winter. Even with the cold temperatures, your skin is still absorbing the sun’s rays and slowly becoming damaged over time. Make sun protection easy by choosing a daytime moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) and at least SPF 30.

Leaving Setting Spray/Face Mist at Home 

Setting spray is a constant during the summer, whether setting your face or giving it a quick refresh. Setting sprays/refreshing sprays have a variety of benefits, ranging from glow-inducing to cooling to hydrating. With the harsh winter wind, a setting spray can be just as valuable. What better way to refresh your skin than with a reinvigorating spritz of setting spray? Our Better Setter Setting Spray features a Vitamin C infused formula. With a quick spritz, your skin is hydrated, glowing, and keeping up with the harsh temperatures. 

Taking it Easy on the Moisturizer

Winter is not the time to be stingy with the moisturizer. To fight dull or dry skin, double up on moisturizer and add a moisture-focused serum. Skincare is the base to good makeup, and hydration is the number one component. If you’re really looking to secure the moisture, try this little tip. Once you’re fresh out of the shower, apply a hydrating serum and moisturizer on top of your damp skin. This will lock the moisture in for sure! 

Wearing Matte Lips Without Layering

Fall and Winter are the perfect occasions for matte lips, and we love a vampy or merlot matte with this temp change. Even so, rocking a matte lip constantly without proper prep can be quite drying. Try and limit yourself to formulas that are lightweight and allow for more cushion on the lips. Our Sangria Liquid Lipstick Collection features a velvety matte finish that allows for weightless long day wear. To add more moisture to your liquid lip, layer the lippie with a moisturizing lip treatment before application. Our Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment or Loud and Clear Sheer Gloss will have your lips in a moisture surge that is out of this world.

With these few tweaks here and there, you can take your beauty routine from a winter no to a winter glow!

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