10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making This Winter (Part Two)

10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making This Winter (Part Two)

Part Two of the Beauty Mistakes You’re Making This Winter is here! Grab your notepad and pen to take notes to keep your winter skin glowing all season long! 

Licking Your Lips In Place of Lip Balm 

Winter lips often stay dry but, even in dire straits, try your best not to lick your lips if you don’t have any lip balm on hand. While saliva can give the appearance of moisture to your lips, it doesn’t resurge the area with any actual moisture. Instead, it makes your lips drier, creating a vicious cycle of dry lips that can lead to cracked skin. To keep the right amount of moisture on hand at all times, try our Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment, compact with easy access to shea butter and castor seed oil. 

Skipping Pedicures in the Winter 

After months of consistent pedicures and polish changes in your summertime sandals, it makes sense that you’d want to give your feet a rest in the winter. Even with your feet in boots all winter long, they still need proper care. In the wintertime, as the temperature fluctuates so does the skin between hot and cold. When your feet feel cold, the blood supply in your skin has been reduced to preserve the heat, which can cause dry heels, feet, and arches. During this time, make sure to increase the moisture in your feet with heavy lotions and creams. If you feel like adding a little color to your toes, try our Nude Nail Collection that comes in three gorgeous shades. 

Forgetting Fragrance-Free

In Part One of our Winter Beauty Mistakes, we mentioned increasing your moisturizer helps dry and flaky skin. Choosing a moisturizer, body cream, or lotion that is loaded with fragrance can intensify the sensitivity of your already dry skin. This can lead to both redness and irritation. Keeping your beauty products fragrance-free doesn’t just apply to body care. Fragrance in beauty products can affect the skin as well. 

Over Bronzing the Skin 

The sunkissed season is officially coming to a close, and we want to ensure that you don’t over bronze your skin. If your bronzer shade no longer works for you in the winter months, feel free to move up a shade. No matter what shade you use in bronzer, make sure to apply with a light hand for just the right amount of warmth for this time of year. Our Sunkissed Bronzers feature a buildable formula that is perfect for building up the warmth from sheer to something serious. 

Frosty Lids 

Jack Frost may be in town, but that doesn’t mean your lids should be frosty. Frosted eyeshadow can make the skin appear washed out during this time of year. While it may seem a surprising winter choice, bronze, and golden shades bring out the warmth in the face and are stunning during this time of year. Our Everyday Eyeshadow Palette and Everynight Eyeshadow Palette feature gorgeous golden and bronze shades as a perfect complement to a warm winter fire.
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