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Mented Cosmetics' First Eyeshadow Palette Keeps Selling Out

Mented Cosmetics' launch story is the stuff of startup fairytales. KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson noticed the very limited range of nude lipsticks for darker skin tones, so they used wit, determination, and their degrees from Harvard Business School to launch a luxe line of shades. Suffice it to say, beauty editors and fans went wild for them, and since late 2017, the brand has expanded into nude nail polishes, glosses, and body glow products.

But there's one goodie that stands out from the rest: the brand's Everyday Eyeshadow Palette. It's chock-full of gorgeous neutral tones for dark skin tones and has sold out twice since its March launch. As of today, it has a 1,600+ person waitlist. The palette is back on Mented's site for now, but the brains behind the brand predict another sell out soon. Luckily, even if you snooze, there are still a couple of brown and Black girl-friendly palettes to peruse, ahead.

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