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Harvard Grads Redefine Beauty with Mented Cosmetics Line

One night during one of their “massive brainstorms” over glasses of wine at Miller's house, Miller nonchalantly said, “‘I’ve been looking for the perfect nude lipstick for like 3 years and [Johnson] at the same moment was like ‘what oh my gosh, me too,’ and from there that really kind of sparked the idea like okay let’s try to figure this out,” Miller said.

The ladies headed straight to beauty counters in department stores, and scoured drug store cosmetics aisles to see if the perfect nude exists. Testing and trying hundreds of products left them where they started — empty handed.

As dark-skinned black women, they faced challenges that they felt the beauty market overlooked or hadn’t even begun to tackle. They were looking for a brand “who understands undertones, who understands lips don’t just come in pink or just brown, they come in shades of brown and pink and purple, who understands that you might be a brown girl and look on the surface similar to a brown girl sitting next to you but who has a very different undertone from the brown girl sitting next to you,” Miller told NBC News.

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