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How I Raised It

Ep. 51 How I Raised It with Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller of Mented on 6.11.2018

Produced by, "How I Raised It" goes behind the scenes with startup founders who have raised capital. This episode is with Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller of Mented Cosmetics.

Mented is an online cosmetic store that features a range of nude lipsticks for women with deeper skin tones. The Company recently raised $4.2M from CircleUp and others.

In this episode, Amanda and KJ talk about the grind of raising their first pre-seed round, tapping networks such as NY Angels and HBS, how to time-box + divide & conquer when raising, the importance of both a metrics story and a big vision in the pitch, and much more.

Listen on Soundcloud and Itunes.


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