Mented Cosmetics wants to be the Glossier for women of color

With the belated influx of attention being given to the beauty needs of women of color, indie brands are tapping into the opportunity and seeing significant growth.

Mented Cosmetics, a two-year-old beauty brand focused on minimalist makeup and nude shades for women of color, has managed to scale its business to over 44,000 followers on Instagram, almost 50,000 fans on Facebook and over 50,000 monthly unique visitors to its website. It has also averaged 20 percent quarterly sales growth since last year and is on pace to beat last year’s sales by 400 percent.

Mented’s opportunity for growth is big: Women of color are expected to propel the cosmetics industry forward in terms of both trends and sales, according to market research group Mintel. Black women, in particular, are expected to spend $2.25 billion on beauty products per year by 2021.

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