What These 3 Beauty Brand Founders Learned From Day One

What These 3 Beauty Brand Founders Learned From Day One

Mented Cosmetics, co-founded by two Harvard Business School graduates, recently raised $1 million in capital. Their products are vegan, paraben-free and made in the USA.

“I was afraid to fail publicly. The potential embarrassment crippled me into thinking that I wasn’t right for entrepreneurship. Beauty is especially difficult because there is constant newness and fierce competition. You have to create a superior product and know your customer better than anybody else. Then came the right idea, the right partner, and the passion. Everything lined up and it was time for me to shoot my shot. It was one of those defining moments where I had to choose what I wanted over the noise in my head.”  - Amanda E. Johnson, co-founder and co-CEO

“Launching a startup is terrifying, and overcoming that fear was definitely one of my greatest challenges. It’s easy to look at the many successful businesses out there and think, ‘What have I done that qualifies me to do that?’ But early on I had to learn to change my frame of reference from ‘why me’ to ‘why not me?’ – and it’s made all the difference.” - K.J. Miller, co-founder and co-CEO

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