Beauty Influencer Jackie Aina Called Out The Lack of Nude Makeup for Dark-Skinned Women

For Black girls and other dark-skinned women of color, finding our own versions of “nude” can be a struggle. Until recently, Nude lipstick has typically been marketed to consumers with fair to light, and sometimes medium, skin. I remember my own personal struggle with finding a nude lipstick at the MAC counter during the time where women everywhere were trying to achieve the “nude glam” look popularized by the Kardashians. Regardless of the number of lipstick shades available in the MAC range, the makeup artist still couldn’t really find my match. I ended up settling on a peachy nude color called “Jubilee.” Jubilee was definitely not a nude match for my brown skin. The formula was nice, but it was pasty of a shade to come off as nude on my lips and definitely needed to be altered with something darker. I needed something with a warmer tone, but I was so determined to make it work that I settled with the color, and gave up on my search.

Mented Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks Peach Please, Nude La La & Mented #5.

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