The Statement Box


The absolute best way to experience our products! Every other month, Members are able to choose 3 full-size products for one flat price. Get your subscription started today by selecting your first 3 items. 

As a Member, you will receive 6 shipments a year: each shipment includes 3 full-size items. Prior to each shipment, you will receive an email notification inviting you to log in to your account and select 3 items for $50.

  • Manage your Statement Box Member profile online including: shipping details, payment information, and order tracking.
  • You'll be choosing from this month's available categories: Semi-Matte Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Liner, Brow Pencils, Blush, Foundation

 This is a subscription box that will automatically charge the payment on file every 60 days. Members will be emailed to make their product selections days before the next shipment or you can log into your account and make product selections.

Get CompliMented

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